The Project

The CAGLIARI 2020 project is proposed by a partnership comprehending public and private organisms of South Sardinia for the development of ICT technologies aimed at optimizing the usage of the “city system” and improving the quality of life for those who work and/or live in the city.

The main goal of CAGLIARI 2020 is the development of innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for urban mobility (and possibly metropolitan area mobility), so to boost energy and environmental performances.

The project idea originates from the ever increasing need of innovative tools and technological solutions for the optimization of urban mobility, for lowering travel times and improving air quality. Cagliari represents the ideal case study for the development and testing of the project, mainly because of its centralized public transport management system ranking among the most advanced in Europe.

CAGLIARI 2020 is based on the study and testing of a sensors network comprised of:

  1. Fixed sensors for the tracking of vehicles entering/exiting the urban area. These sensors allow real‐time and/or historical analysis, especially helpful in gathering the information required to manage traffic lights systems and sending routing optimization information to interested users;
  2. mobile sensors for the collection of environmental data. Such data will be used to feed decision‐making models for the reduction of carbon emissions and the consequent improvement of air quality in the urban area
  3. Mobile devices for the acquisition of the motion habits of people

The integration of environmental models and smart systems for the management of urban mobility will allow to optimize public and private traffic flows as well as to reduce carbon emissions.

The integration between the aforementioned information and the people’s travelling habits (by means of the anonymous tracking of their mobile phones) allows for the creation of people’s mobility maps.

Moreover, the project intends to spur and help the growth of new multi‐sectorial entrepreneurial realities operating in the fields of mobility management and energy consumption. Finally, CAGLIARI 2020 has been conceived to provide public agencies with advanced decisions support tools based on innovative models compliant with the guidelines set by the Covenant of Mayors.