Cagliari2020 at the Technology Summit India Italy

The technological summit between Italy and India took place from 29 to 30 October 2018 in New Delhi, India.

Among the experts called to represent Italy at the summit Alberto Masoni, Director of the Cagliari Section of the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) intervened as an expert in innovative infrastructures.

Dr Masoni has a long experience in grid computing (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, INFN-Grid and Eu India Grid) and digital infrastructures for research.

Currently he is the Local Scientific Responsible of the PON Project Cagliari 2020 – project funded within the Smart Cities axis and previously coordinator of the e-INIT project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, selected among the six projects of great importance within the Scientific Cooperation Program and Technological Italy-India.

Previously, Dr Masoni was also the scientific manager of “Cybersar”, a project of excellence of the National Operational Program for Research of the MIUR dedicated to the creation of a cyber-infrastructure for the Universities and Research Centers of Sardinia.

The President of the Conte Council, speaking at the Tech Summit, recalled that “India is experiencing a second” hi-tech revolution “and promotes very innovative projects such as” Digital India “- which will provide the country with digital infrastructures – and” Smart Cities ” “, With intelligent transport and distribution systems. Italian companies should not lose the opportunities offered by these programs ». With Narendra Modi, underlines the premier, “we have explored the possible Italian contribution to the” Make in India “in various sectors, including the defense industry, in which Italy boasts excellence at a global level. We explored the potential for new partnerships in the field of railway safety and the relaunch of cooperation in the development of renewable energy on which, a year ago, a memorandum was signed here in Delhi “.

Here is the article of the Messenger on the summit: